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XX International DanceSport Festival "Lithuanian Open 2021" will be held on the 4th and 5th of December, 2021. Registration just started, so we kindly ask to fill application form! This year we are hosting: WDSF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP JUNIOR II TEN DANCE, WDSF OPEN ST and WDSF OPEN LA, WDSF OPEN YOUTH ST and WDSF OPEN YOUTH LA, WDSF OPEN JUNIOR II ST and WDSF OPEN JUNIOR II LA, WDSF OPEN JUNIOR I ST and WDSF JUNIOR I LA, also Lithuanian national ranking competitions (open). Welcome to Lithuania!

When entering Lithuania (by car, by coach, by train, by plane, by ship), you will need: TO FILL QUESTIONNAIRE 48 HOURS BEFORE ARRIVAL (not earlier): MORE INFORMATIONS FOR TRAVELLERS AND COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS, please, find here:–MbhzDIab9RFteJib-xpvPe4DzTl7fEAM2yk-lXPjdak