XXI DanceSport Festival “Lithuanian Open 2022”


VENUE: Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Center LITEXPO
Laisvės av. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania

SATURDAY (3th of December, 2022), HALL A

Starts at 09.30 (registration 08.00 – 08.45)

1.Junior II C LA
2.Youth + Adult C ST
3.Youth + Adult B LA

Starts at 11.30 (registration 09.45 – 10.45)

4.Junior II C ST
5.Youth + Adult C LA
6.Youth + Adult B ST
7.WDSF Open Junior I ST
8.WDSF Open Junior II LA
9.WDSF Open Youth LA     

Starts at 16.00 (registration 14.15 – 15.15)

10.Juvenile I+II Open ST
11.WDSF Junior I LA
12.WDSF Junior II ST 1/8F, 1/4F
13.WDSF Open Youth ST 1/8F, 1/4F

Evening gala starts at 19.30 (registration 18.00 – 18.45)  

14.Juvenile I+II Open LA
15.WDSF Open Junior II ST 1/2F, Final
16.WDSF Open Youth ST 1/2F, Final




SATURDAY (3th of December, 2022), HALL B

I part starts at 10.00 (registration 08.00 – 09.15)

1.SOLO E2 W, Ch 1-2 level
2.SOLO E4 W, Q, Ch, J 2-3 level
3.Juvenile I+II E6 W, T, Q, Ch, R, J
4.Junior I E4, W, Q, Ch, J
5.Junior I D ST W, T, VW, Q
6.Junior II D LA S, Ch, R, J

II part starts at 14.00 (registration 10.30 – 11.45)

7.SOLO E3 W, Ch, J
8.Children E2 1-2 level
9.Children E3 2-3 level
10.Juvenile I+II E4 W, Q, Ch, J
11.Junior I E6 W, T, Q, Ch, R, J
12.Junior I D LA S, Ch, R, J
13.Junior II D ST W, T, VW, Q

III part starts at 17.30 (registration 14.00- 15.15)

14.SOLO LATINO (Juvenile I + Juvenile II) S, Ch, J
15.SOLO LATINO (Junior I + Junior II) S, Ch, J
16.SOLO LATINO D (Junior I + Junior II) S, Ch, R, J
17.Children E2 (kinder garden) 1 level
18.Children E3 1-2 level
19.Children E4 2-3 level
20.Junior II E6 W, T, Q, Ch, R, J


ENTRY FEE must be transferred to the bank account till November 29th, 2022

Account number(IBAN): LT687044060000304909
Bank code: 70440
Swift code: CBVILT2X

Upon registration to specified email You will receive code, please identify this code as the purpose of payment / details of payment.
This will make it easier for us to track that you have made a successful payment.

Without payment registration will be canceled!


Group One discipline
Children, solo 12 Eur per person/program
Junior, Juvenile, Youth – E, D, C, B class 15 Eur per person/program
WDSF Open Junior I, II 25 Eur per person/program
WDSF Open Youth/ Adult 25 Eur per person/program